Secure Home Mobile App

Our secure home app is a cutting-edge mobile security application that turns smart mobile devices into personal home alarm management systems, Doubling up as a panic button. Our clients have the ability to send emergency services to their location at the press of a button. This ground-breaking technology makes it possible for clients to seamlessly and securely manage all aspects of their security profiles, including keyholder details, holiday instructions, and site contact personnel.


Key User Features.

  • Site-based Panics
  • GPS-based Panics for Estates & HOAs. Site Broadcasts, Bicycle routes. Send emergency services to your exact location
  • Client control. Test your own alarm. Live system status
  • Latest incidents
  • Alarm activity
  • Audits
  • Cancel alarms
  • Home management
  • Our app allows the main user to add key stakeholders and family members to their profile with restricted privileges
  • Push Notification, Service Request
  • Save site management costs by using push notification functions to communicate with all the relevant stakeholders.

Key Site management Features.

Optimized workflow

  • Real-time status updates
  • Real-time overview of all monitored sites
  • Monitoring of multiple sites within one application
  • Incident and audit reports
  • Customizable dashboard & Site Integration
  • Automated billing

Available on most Android and IOs Devices


RESIDENTRY - Access Control, Visitor and Vendor management software

Whether a large and small estates or businesses we provide reporting, mobile applications for residents, access control and a complete cloud-based system and Dashboard for Site managers.

Our platform caters for the end user or the homeowner, allows for operational functions with an app for the guarding functions in access control and provides a dashboard for body corporate or site managers to manage most aspects of their site

Mobile App for Residents

  • Allow residents to manage & approve their own visitors, regulars, employees, and services. Oversee, Identify, and block unwanted visitors.
  • Service request to site managers & Body Corporate
  • Communication portal via push notifications
  • Notifications for visitor arrivals
  • Emergency service requests

Guarding mobile App

Our app takes away the human error in guarding and gives the site manager control over what is happening on-site and who to allow at what times. The guard merely follows predetermined workflows customizable to every site’s need. This is done via capturing ID, vehicle details that are linked to the client dashboard and aids contractor and vendor management, Classification of different types of visits. NPR integration is also possible and our Cloud storage is POPI compliant


Our customizable dashboard makes site management simple and provides valuable metrics and reports.

  • Central Database Management
  • Extensive two-way Member Communication via push notifications
  • Member Opinions Feedback and surveys
  • General Information Sharing
  • Upcoming Events Sharing
  • Media Sharing
  • Community Magazine and Newsletter Sharing
  • Task & Case Management
  • Online Document Sharing and Management
  • General Administrative Matters

Hardware Integration

Our platform integrates with most of the existing platforms to suit existing access control requirements.

  • Wave and Biometric Readers
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Cloud Connected Gate
  • Ruggedized Mobile Barcode/Tag/RFID and Fingerprint Scanners
  • OCR Passport Scanners
  • Controllers
  • Electronic Keypads

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